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Functional modules and features:

Real-time monitoring: Real-time monitoring of the fueling status of each oil gun on the main interface and real-time acquisition of fueling data.

Data query: You can query and print current and historical databases according to various conditions.

Report generation: Generate class reports, Including monthly, quarterly and annual reports for oil guns and various oil products.

Refueling billing: billing customer registration, fuel billing, billing discount, billing receipt printing, billing inquiries, billing statements generated.

Backstage master control: the computer background controls the fuel dispenser to perform fueling according to the set fuel quantity, amount or random manner; otherwise, it cannot be refueled, and it can prevent oil stealing at night.

Parameter setting: On the computer, you can set the unit price, the oil product, whether it is the main control, and the serial port parameters do not need to be set.

Off-line refueling: The system is equipped with a communication controller. When the computer is shut down, the communication controller can collect fuel data and save it to prevent data loss and meet the needs of computer off-line refueling.

Inventory Management: Manually enter the monthly amount of fuel, the computer automatically generates monthly inventory data based on monthly sales.

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