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Driver Issues

1) Q:When driver printing, The Printing width is only 44mm instead of 48mm,Why? A:Printing paper width is 57mm,which is not equal to effective width of printing, the effective width of printing is 48mm, The algorithm is as follows: 384×0.125=48mm. 384 i

1) Q:Under driver printing, The Printing width is only 44mm instead of 48mm,Why?
  A:Printing paper width is 57mm,which is not equal to effective width of printing, the effective width of printing is 48mm,

The algorithm is as follows: 384×0.125=48mm. 384 indicates the maximum number of dots a printer can print per line, and 0.125 indicates the width of each dot on

When using driver printing, the driver sends the text as a graphic. The driver has a minimum margin by default, generally 0.8mm, so the width of the print is 46.4mm.

2) Q: If there is specified program for VC Serial printers, Say if my computer is equipped with multiple printers, Is it possible to choose your printer by program freely instead of the default mode.
A: When printing with driver, there is specified printer names in the program language, It can be non default
3.Q: Is there LINUX Driver?

A: There is no LINUX Driver, You can drive the printer by way of communication programming. Specifically, If you select a serial port printer, Send data to serial port, Thus our printer will receive data from it and printing out the data.

E.g. If print “123”,The data to serial port should be: 30H 31H 32H 0DH  Printer will print “123”. The 30H,31H,32H is the ASCII of 123.

4. Q: There is blank line when printing with driver, Can I control the printing direction?
A: The Blank line is because of the driver system is affected and needs to be reinstalled.
The driver requires page margins. When print with driver, It is the system that communicates with the printer. The system will convert the current content into a image and send it to the printer. So you can't directly control the print direction. You can adjust the direction in WORD first and then print.
5.Q: How to install POS58 Serial port Driver.
A:Install POS58 Driver program, Install the driver to the COM1 port
For example, If XON/XOFF protocol is used and the baud rate is 115,200. However, the default baud rate is 9600 in the computer, and the protocol mode is not XON/XOFF, so you need to set it manually when you use it for the first time.
Set up method is as follows:

Enter the control panel version, double-click "Printers and Faxes", right-click "POS58", in the pop-up shortcut menu, click "Properties" tab, as shown
Pop up the following dialog box, click on the "Port" tab
Pop up the following dialog box, click on the "Port" tab
Click on the "Configure Port..." button and configure it as shown below
6.Q: TH Printer driver installation method
A: The local printer is a printer connected to the user's computer. The method To add a printer in Windows 2000 Server is as follows:
(1) Select the "Start → Settings → Printers" command, open the "Printers" folder, use the "Printers" folder to manage and set up an existing printer, you can also add a new printer.

(2) Double-click the Add Printer icon to start the Add Printer wizard. With the help of the Add Printer Wizard, users can generally install the printer correctly. After you start the Add Printer wizard, the first dialog of the Add Printer wizard opens and prompts you to start installing the printer.
(3) Click the "Next" button to enter the "Select Local or Network Printer" dialog box. In this dialog, the user can choose to add a local printer or a network printer. Select the "Local printer" option to add a local printer.
(4) Click the "Next" button, the "Select Printer Port" dialog box will pop up. Select the port where the printer will be added. If you want to use the original port of the computer, you can select the "Use the following port" option. In general, the user's printer is installed on the computer's LTP1 printer port.
(5) Click the "Next" button, the "Select Printer Model" dialog box appears, select the manufacturer and model No.of the printer. Among them, listed the manufacturers of Windows 2000-supported printers.
If the printer you are using is not listed in the Printers list box, Windows 2000 does not support this model of printer. In general, the printer comes with a print driver that supports Windows 2000. At this point, the user can click the "Have Disk" button to install the print driver.
(6) Click the "Next" button to bring up the "Name your printer" dialog box. In this dialog you can submit a name for the printer.

7. Q:The client needs RD-T-16-SC driver
A: there is no need of driver for Most of the printers of the T16-SC series. They need to be programmed and print. The commands are used to print the corresponding data. That is, a printer control software must be programmed on the PC.
8. Q:Why a USB printer can print earlier, but not now?
A: He previously used a USB to parallel conversion cable. USB conversion cable has a feature, that is, for a USB interface, it will generate a new USB interface, such as driving installed in the previous port, then the printer will not print. It Must choose this newly interface. As the plug-in interface is not fixed, Clients take for the USB line is not working. When encountering the USB interface does not print, we suggest clients to try other USB ports to try before concluding printer not work anymore.


 9. Q: Why does not printer work today as the driver is installed yesterday?
A: By above picture, we can see that the printer installed on the PC is showed in gray, and the gray display on the PC indicates that the printer is not online, so the printer will not print. Please right-click the printer, select " Use Online printer" item, the problem can be solved.
10. Q: When TH32-USB printer prints, it is found that the effect of USB01 and USB03 and USB03 interface printing is different. Only the format of USB01 port is correct, and my computer cannot find USB01 port?
A: Normally speaking, using USB01, USB02, USB03 interface printing should be correct, the driver is same, only port different which should not arise this problem. First, we suggest you to remove all the USB printers. It may be a problem when the program transfer the driver. After the client unloaded all USB Printer, restart the computer, find the USB01(Or USB02,USB03) interface and It will print correctly.

11. Q: The printer prints through the driver and finds that it does not print
A:If the printer is connected by USB to parallel port cable, the port configuration must be set up correctly for printing. If printing result is mass code, pls check if the cable connection is correct, or contact us for further discuss.
12. Q:How to install RD-T153_PC_XP driver?
A: Please follow the instructions in the driver to operate the installation, the steps are: enter the control panel, double-click the "Printers and Faxes" item, click "Add Printer", follow the prompts, select to install from the disk, in the driver of the file pressure to find "end fix For .inf files, follow the steps to install
Q: Why can't print after the driver is installed?
There are two possibilities: (1) The data cable and power supply are not connected so that the printer is not online
(2)The printer port on the PC is not selected correctly.

14. Q: We used the RD-EH-32 thermal micro printer to install the drivers you provided under the XP system. It feels that the printing speed is slower, and there is a gap in the printing.
A: The serial port transmission speed is too slow, but when using the driver to print, it is to use the graphics instruction to print, the speed of the printer receiving data can not keep up with the printing speed, at this time, the printer has a pause. White lines appear when the printer pauses. So it is recommended that you drive a printer with a parallel port or print with command control
15. Q: The customer is using a DH32-8+ printer. How to control the length of the print in the program?
A: If you are using a VC program to print in the program with driver. Due to the similar usage of VB routines, the length of the printer can be controlled in VB. Pls check and find out the VC-related printer and its printing data, there should be a method of controllable length, so you need to find relevant information, and solve the problem
16. Q:When Using your driver program, Now matter how much data printed, Why always need to feed one page paper ?

   A: For our TH Model printer driver, It only can be page by page printing. The printing with driver can only support this way. we suggest clients adopt command control method.

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