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Difference Between Dot Matrix And Thermal Printer

The difference between thermal printer and dot matrix printer lies in paper quality, printing speed and storage time.

People in daily life often encounters a lot of paper bills, and even some friends joked that "there are more receipts in the hand than banknotes!"  And do you find that Even both are receipts, But types are very different:  one kind of small receipt is plain paper, and the other kind of ticket is more smooth. What is the difference between them? Now, we will tell  you about two printing methods that are widely used in receipts printing.

At present, in addition to daily documents, we are also filled with various bills, from courier receipts to restaurant receipts, shopping receipts, and so on. Bills that look the same can be achieved by both thermal and pin-printing techniques. The previously described notes that are smoother to the touch are basically implemented using thermal printing. So what are the characteristics of these two printing methods?

Dot matrix  printing

The dot matrix printer forms a font by hitting a media such as paper through a needle in the print head. In the process, the user can select multiple sheets according to the requirements. Normally has two,three,four copies.  Multi-copy paper is printed at one time  ,only the dot matrix printer can be completed so quickly.

The character of dot matrix  printing technology lies in that the head needle hits the medium, and the force of the needle is transmitted to the paper medium through the ribbon, and the multi-copy paper can be printed. Due to the subtle differences in the needles, the printed document is unique and difficult to falsify.

But pin printing also has its defects, that its printing speed is slow! Needle printing is slower because of the reciprocating motion of the needle. Secondly, the ribbon of the dot matrix printer needs to be replaced frequently, the operation is cumbersome and the printing cost is high.

Common applications like: invoice printing, ticket printing, etc.

Thermal printing

The thermal printer has a semiconductor heating element mounted on the printhead. The print head heats up and touch the thermal paper to print the desired pattern, similar to a thermal fax machine. The image is generated by heating to produce a chemical reaction in the film.

Compared to dot matrix printer, thermal printing has the advantage of fast, because the thermal printer's paper can reach max speed by second because of the wide design of the print head.

However, thermal printing also has disadvantages, because the thermal paper is greatly disturbed by the surrounding temperature, so the printed bills have a short storage time, and the printed bills are faded and blurred in about three months, which is difficult to recognize.

Common applications like: catering ticket printing, take-out order printing, shopping receipt printing, etc.

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