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◇Equip with imported original printer core, high printing speed , and print clearly (203 dpi)

◇Loading paper from the front

◇original cutting knife: long life

plane plate, Big paper storehouse with a lock

◇Waterproof and low temperature resistance design


Product specification

Printing Performance Model No. RD-FH5C7 RD-FH8C7
Printing method Thermal line printing
Printing speed 200mm/sMAX 170mm/s(MAX
Resolution 203dpi8dot/mm)432dot/line 203dpi8dot/mm)576dot/line
Effective printing width 54mm 72mm
Feeding step 0.125mm
Western Character ANKASCII 12x24,8X16,8X12International Character (12x24)
Chinese Character GB18030: 24×24,Support rare Chinese character printing
Barcode One-Dimensional UPC-AUPC-EEAN-13EAN-8CODE39ITF25CODABARCODE93CODE128Two-Dimensional QRCODEPDF417,Etc.
Graphic printing Support
Curve printing Support
Auto Tabular Support
Bitmap download Support
Cutter Performance Seperated cutter Auto paper cutting:half/full cutting 
Dectection method Abnormal Detection Out of paper detection
Black mark location Selectable
Interface Serial XH2.54-5PNorm.RS232 or TTL
Parallel DC3-26
Control system Buffer 2K /64K
Command System ESC/POSPrinting CommandCompatible With IBM/EPSON ESC/P.
Driver WIN2000/NT/XP/ WIN7
Power Way of supply DC24V/2A DC24V/3A
Reliability Printing Head life 100km 
Printing paper Paper type Normal Thermal PaperWidth 57±0.5mmDiaФ30mm/thicness 0.06mm0.07mm  Normal Thermal PaperWidth80±0.5mmDiaФ50mm/thicness 0.06mm0.07mm
Loading Method Easy paper loading
Cutting Method Auto paper cutting
Physical Property Working Temp. Humidity –2050/1080%RH
Storage Temp. Humidity –2060/1090%RH
Weight About 478g
Embedded size 128mm×127mm
Outlook size 136mmL×137mmW×66mmD

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Application area

Applied Area: Lottery machine,ATM machine, Advertising Machine, Game Machine, Coupons, Queue Machine, Deposit Cabinet, etc 

which need high frequency printing and Unattended Terminal POS machine.



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