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RD-TR2 Micro Desk Thermal Printer

1.Equip with imported original printer core, high printing speed (60 lines per second), and print clearly(203DPI)

2.Have Auto sleep, Automatically waking up, Black label location, Low voltage alarm, lack of paper detection, and overheating detection, etc

3.appearance: fashion, delicacy, small volume, light weight, Portable mobile printing

4.Clam shell and easy paper loading structure

5.equip with Bluetooth interface, USB interface and Standard serial interface, can be linked to all kinds of handheld devices such as data collector, PDA, mobile phone to print

6.Use rechargeable batteries to supply power and can also choose the power adapter to supply power as a POS printer 


Product specification

Printing Performance Printing method Thermal line printing
Printing speed 70mm/sMax
Resolution 203dpi(8dot/mm),384dot/line
Effective printing width 48mm
Feeding step 0.125mm
Western Character Support 9×1712×24 Normal ASCII CharacterInternational Character
Chinese Character GB18030: 24×24,Support rare Chinese character printing
Barcode One-Dimensional UPC-AUPC-EEAN-13EAN-8CODE39ITF25CODABARCODE93CODE128Two-Dimensional QRCODEPDF417,Etc
Graphic printing Support
Curve printing Support
Auto Tabular Support
Bitmap download Support
Dectection method Out of paper detection Yes
Interface Cashdrawer  YesInterface :RJ11
Wired Parallel:DB-25Compatible CENTRONICS
Serial:DB-9Norm RS232or TTL
485: DB-9Norm.RS232 or TTL
Wireless Bluetooth
Control system Buffer 2K /64K
Command System ESC/POSPrinting CommandCompatible With IBM/EPSON ESC/P.
Driver WIN2000/NT/XP/WIN7
Power Pressure DC12V24V±5%
Current 3A
Reliability Printing Head life 50km
Printing paper Paper type   Normal Thermal PaperWidth 58±0.5mmDiaФ83mm/thicness 0.06mm0.07mm
Loading Method Easy paper loading
Cutting Method Manual paper tearing
Physical Property Working Temp. Humidity -1055/1080%RH
Storage Temp. Humidity -2060/1090%RH
Outlook size 170mmL×134mmW×100mmH
Weight(Not Including Printing Paper) About 550g

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Application area

Applied Area:

Medical, fire fighting, electric,power, weighing apparatus, bank, Gas station, GPS navigation,Etc



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